About Us

About Us:

Laligurash English Boarding School was Established in 2008 by principal Mahesh Pakhrin.

Laligurash is a self funded non-profit organization, that receives no funding from the government. We accept bare minimum fees that go directly to our schools daily expenses.

Laligurash enrolls students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. We cover the standard government curriculum of subjects including English, math, science, social studies, Nepali, computer science, health, ethics, occupation and trade skills. In addition to this we provide extracurricular activities to our students taught by our global volunteers. These subjects include arts, crafts, academia and sports. We place a strong focus on our students ability to speak conversational English, with the intent on their advancement to professional working proficiency.

We are strong advocates of gender equality and through our various scholarship programs are dedicated to the enrollment and education of girls. Our aim is to promote and further develop the education of the next generation of female leaders, academics and mothers.

In addition to this, we provide scholarships to the less fortunate in our community to allow for a more inclusive enrollment process. This includes awareness training for parents and children who have yet to consider education an option.

Our school is a stimulating and engaging learning environment that facilitates a passion for education. Our staff are highly motivated to achieve our goals and we are confident in our mission to serve our students in maximizing their potential.