Matthew - Volunteer from Ireland

My time volunteering at Laligurash Bright Future English Boarding School was a 10/10 experience. I stayed for 5 weeks and taught the students of Grade 1-8 Music and Martial Arts. Mahesh the principal, his wife and family are amazing people. I was made feel extremely welcome and I can’t say enough about their kindness, good nature and uplifting sense of humor. 
The school staff were professional and supportive. Their excitement for the students to learn new knowledge made teaching a smooth and inclusive process.
The students truly are the greatest. They are intelligent, well mannered and more than anything, a lot of fun. Each class was different and I enjoyed every moment, with all of them. I found the facility itself to be very comfortable and private, with my bedroom having a beautiful view of the mountains. 

In additional to this, I took part in various activities during my downtime. This included hiking, sightseeing and mountain exploration. The preparation and execution of this was made very simple due to Mahesh’s knowledge in the field.In summary, I recommend volunteering at Laligurash to everyone. My experience outweighed my expectations. Although the program is built to benefit the students, I believe it was me who benefited the most.