Our student’s education comes first. That is why we offer the best price available for volunteering.

All excess proceeds go directly to the following:

  • Giving education to local orphans.
  • Giving education to local children with disabled parents.
  • Giving education to local girls (including health supplies).
  • Giving lunch to our students who cannot afford food.
  • Student uniforms.

Our fees include tax and are broken down per person, per day, unless otherwise stated. 
The total will be calculated by your selected schedule.

Your options include:

$15 - Airport collection.
$30 - Kathmandu Hotel.
$30 - Sightseeing Kathmandu (3 locations). Swayambhunath (Buddhist temple), Pashupatinath (Hindu Temple), Kathmandu Durbar Square (Hindu Temple, Kumari visit).
$25 - Kathmandu to school (group 10+).
$100 Total - Kathmandu to school. Private rental (1-3 people).
$25 - Day 1 to 7, School accommodation including food and beverage (tea+coffee).
$20 - Day 8 +, School accommodation including food and beverage (tea+coffee).
$25 - School to Kathmandu (group 10+).
$100 Total - School to Kathmandu Private rental (1-3 people).
$15 - Kathmandu to airport drop-off.